If you are a music-lover, you know how music can speak to your soul and impact your life like nothing else. You probably remember the songs from different times in your life. Just hearing those old songs take you back to that time, right? Songs that you shared with that special someone. Songs that helped heal a broken heart. Songs that inspired you and motivated you to achieve your goals. Music articulates the language of the soul.

What if someone wrote a song just for you? Imagine having a song written just for your wedding, anniversary or other special occasion. You can have Sandra create a custom song just for you! Listen to samples of some of her songs here:

Here’s what some people have to say about Sandra’s custom songs:

They are loving, wise and honest and she sings them with a voice that is as pure as they come. I have collaborated with her for nearly 18 years, and each time we create a jewel.
Claude Stein
When Sandra said she was going to write a song for me, I of course was excited because no one had ever written a song for me! I was so impressed by the questions she asked me so she could get to know me, my dreams and desires. She took what she learned to a completely different level when she used her awesome intuitive spirit to write an elegant, sweet song. The first time I heard it I got tears in my eyes…I knew it was perfect. It spoke to me in such a deep way that I knew it was meant for me…

How it works:

Whichever custom song package you choose, you can expect to be treated like a VIP! As a custom song client, you will have an initial interview with Sandra where she’ll talk to you about who the song is for, the occasion, what your musical tastes are and all the information she needs to get started.

Once she has a rough draft of the lyrics and melody, she will send it to you for your approval before taking the next step.

Then the song will be recorded, mixed and mastered so that it’s ready for airplay.

All custom song clients receive a copy of the lyrics, an mp3 and CD of their special musical gift.

To make your song even more special, you can also purchase a custom song package that includes a beautiful plaque with the lyrics engraved on it. You could have Sandra create a custom music video just for you! Or have her perform your song live and in person! You can check out the custom song packages and rates below.

Whatever package you choose, just know that you’re in for a one of a kind experience!

Please read the terms and conditions for your Custom Song. By choosing any of the options below, you are indicating that you have read and understand the terms and conditions. After completing the payment process, will be sent a welcome email and a formal agreement, as well as a link to Sandra’s online scheduler to set up your initial interview so she can get started on your one-of-a-kind custom song!

Song Packages – Get Yours Today!

Radio quality custom song with lyrics, CD and/or mp3.
Yours for only $2499!


Six monthly installments of $416.50. (Click on Subscribe button)


Engraved plaque with lyrics – $300


Custom music video – $400


LIVE Performance – $500 (not including transportation and lodging)