Custom Songs / Songwriting

When Sandra said she was going to write a song for me, I of course was excited because no one had ever written a song for me! I was so impressed by the questions she asked me so she could get to know me, my dreams and desires. She took what she learned to a completely different level when she used her awesome intuitive spirit to write an elegant, sweet song. The first time I heard it I got tears in my eyes…I knew it was perfect. It spoke to me in such a deep way that I knew it was meant for me. Sandra will put her heart, soul and spirit into her work and beautiful music will be the result. She is a joy to work with in every way!


The song that Sandra wrote for me not only impacted me but had a big impact for my wife, as well. In fact, the framed lyrics for the song are hanging right in the entryway of our home. That’s how much regard I have for what she did for me. I can tell you that there’s an immense amount of heart and intention and conscientiousness that goes into Sandra’s songs.
Geoff Laughton –
Author of Built to Last

SteinClaude-320x320Sandra Winter writes some of the most beautiful melodies and lyrics that I have ever heard.They are loving, wise and honest and she sings them with a voice that is as pure as they come. I have collaborated with her for nearly 18 years, and each time we create a jewel.
Claude Stein

Speaker / Spiritual Teacher

MattPhotoI was listening to Sandra’s message, where she was saying it’s a necessity to go out into nature and just to listen and tune to God’s frequency and experience His beauty found in the simplest things. That really resonated with me and it’s exactly how I’ve been feeling all day. That made me smile and feel inspired and motivated to do so. God spoke to me at the right time through Sandra’s inspirational message.
Matthew Aldea


Sandra Winter is highly motivated and centered in Spirit. Sandra speaks from a place of oneness with God and creation, and as one who has her roots planted in Spirit. Participants feel her genuine love and care, connected with her which paves the way for good receptivity.
Barbara Tilley
Director of Administration & Education
United Palace House of Inspiration

Performances / Workshops


Thank you for coming to our women’s group in December.  It was truly inspirational.  I especially loved when we formed a circle and sang each other’s names.  It sounded like the heavens had opened up in song!  It was so beautiful.  I continue this practice at home as I sing my name in front of a mirror.  I feel the blessing in it.  Thank you for teaching me the power of sound and song.
Teresita Cuadrado
Sound Circle Participant


Angel Readings

Sandra, you are an amazing soul who channels the pure love and guidance with the sincere intention to serve. And that is a rare gift. Your pure heart, sincerity, eagerness and readiness to be of higher service is what makes the whole experience with you unique, pleasant, safe and empowering. I loved not only the Angelic reading but the carefully written forecasts and, of course, the Bliss. Session. The whole experience that is beyond what words can offer brought me closer to Source. And I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. You Sandra bring Light, Love and Source power to everyone who happens to be in your energy field. it was a true gift.

Zhanna Shpits
Success Strategist for Entrepreneurial Women/Speaker/Singer/Songwriter


The real gift was that the waiting is not a state of inactivity. Apparently I am doing the work necessary to get from here to there, which lets me know it is an issue of Divine Timing. Also, it was fascinating and quite comforting when the Angels said that the event in question is “possible, even probable.” This lets me know that the messages, visions and symbols I receive almost daily are truly signs and not a function of ego. Thank you so much.

Elana Schondorf