Angel_ReadingsIn 2013, I started receiving messages from my angels.

I know!!! Sounds kind of weird to say and even weirder to put it out there on my music website!

But the truth is that all of us have the same capacity to receive and offer guidance. It’s just that most of us had that part of us turned off (either by conscious choice or unconsciously) a long time ago. We’ve been conditioned to think this is some “New Age” idea or maybe that it’s not possible or even that it’s demonic. **sigh**

So let me ask you: have you ever had a little voice in your head telling you to do or not do something? Have you ever had a happy bit of synchronicity occur in your life? Has your life ever been saved in a seemingly miraculous way? You may have justified these experiences by ascribing logical explanations to them. Indeed, all miracles have a logical explanation at a deep level and that is that there is a Universal Life Force that is operating within, as and through all life and, whether you are consciously connecting with it or not, it is still operating! You may say you don’t believe in gravity, but if you take a pencil off your desk and drop it from your hand, it will still fall whether you believe in it or not.

So enough said about that. I created this page because I am now consciously using the gifts that were given me to assist others. I know that my music comes from Spirit, and by offering guidance from my angels to others, and offering sound healing, I am giving back to the Divine.

So, you may ask, “What is ‘sound healing,” or, “What is an angel reading,” or “Why should I care?”

All very good questions. Let me explain in a nutshell.

First, why you should care:

First, our natural state is to be feeling good. When we’re not, it’s not just a physical problem. Without getting too woo-woo here, we are more than just flesh and bone. We are energy, and when our energy is focused in a negative way on a consistent enough basis, we can develop physical, spiritual and mental symptoms that can affect not just our physical bodies but our whole quality of life. If you’ve been on a spiritual path for any length of time, you likely have some tools and resources to help you out when you’re experiencing problems. Sound healing and angel readings can be very helpful tools in giving you that little boost you may need when things aren’t going the way you’d like, or when you could use a little support when you’re making or anticipating changes. You can see testimonials about my work on the About Sandra page or on the sidebar of this page. Bottom line, when you use energy healing tools like sound healing or get angelic guidance, you are putting yourself back in alignment with the natural flow of good. You’ll start to feel better and your circumstances will improve. That’s just the way it works. As you can see on my “About Sandra” page, I am a certified Spiritual Life Coach, an ordained Interfaith Minister and sound healing practitioner, so I’m not just blowing smoke here. On the About Sandra page you can also read what others have to say about working with me, and on the Testimonials widget on the sidebar of most pages on this site. 🙂

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is the intentional use of sound for the purpose of healing. There are lots of ways to use sound to help reduce pain, ease emotional and physical distress, relax body, mind and spirit and encourage spiritual development. The way I work with people when I’m doing a full-length session is, we first have a discussion about what’s going on with you. I will then do a sound scan of the body using one of my healing singing bowls or my voice. Then, based on what the scan tells me and coupled with what you have told me, I will use sound to “treat” the condition. My tools include my voice, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, Native American flutes and various percussion instruments. It’s kind of like getting a massage with sound. The sound vibrationally works out the kinks in your system, while helping you to relax and allowing your body and spirit to heal itself. I will often give regular clients home play or things to work on in between sessions. When I’m doing mini-sessions or 30-minute sessions, I generally ask people to come with one particular issue you’d like me to work on. I do a brief scan and proceed to work. I have had some miraculous things happen in just one session. Sound is a powerful conduit for healing and a mini- or 30-minute session can powerfully shift your energy in a positive way.

What is an angel reading?

When I first started hearing my angels a few years ago, they were communicating with me through my journal. I would ask questions in my journal and they would answer me, in writing, in my journal. As time went on, I began to actually ask the questions out loud or in my head and I would hear their answers. They told me that they wanted me to start using their communications with me to help others. I was a little shy about this at first, but the feedback I got from people I shared their messages with was very positive and I felt more confident that this was not only real, but beneficial.

Benefits for angel readings include:

  • Greater confidence in Divine Support
  • Ability to let go of those nagging worries and concerns
  • Ability to make more life-affirming choices
  • Greater sense of fun and joy

How angel readings work

Whether you have a mini- or 30-minute reading, you should come prepared with your question or questions. I will often start longer sessions with a brief prayer and then I’ll ask you to share your questions. Sometimes I will get an image or a sound in response to your questions and I will “translate” what I am hearing or seeing for you. Most of the time, though, I am just sharing in words what the angels are telling me. I do not use “angel cards” or oracle decks in this process. The communication is directly through me.

So here’s the deal: if you have questions or need a little help with something in your life and you would like a little angelic help, please select one of the services below.

How this works…

All my Guidance Services have the following in common:

  1. After you click on the payment button and have paid, you will be given a link to schedule our time together.
  2. You have the option of doing the session either over Skype or by phone. My scheduling software will give you information on how to use both of those options.
  3. You will receive a recording of our session after it is completed.
  4. By clicking on any of the payment buttons below, you are indicating that you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions.

15-Minute Mini-Angel Reading – $49.95

This is a one-question reading. If you have just one little thing that you can’t seem to figure out and want some help, this could be a good fit for you.

30-Minute Angel Reading – $99

If you have several questions or issues you want assistance with, this is a good way to lay a foundation of Divine Assistance. I’ll tap in to see what the angels have to say about your situation and you may also be given some angelic playwork to help you put your guidance into action.

15-Minute Mini-Sound Healing Session – $59.95

This is a mini-massage for your soul. I will work with you on one issue or concern you’d like soothed away by the healing sounds of my voice, crystal bowls and Native American flutes in whatever combination I am guided to use.

30-Minute Sound Healing Session – $119

If you are dealing with more than one issue or if there’s something large and looming that requires a larger blast of sound energy, you’d be amazed at what can be transformed in 30 minutes! This 30 minute session includes an energy scan to determine where the energy is in your body that needs to be moved and you may be given some playwork to help you move forward.