0527160917-2You were there with the little sparrows, sleeping at night in the bare winter tree.
You were there when the baby pigeons closed their eyes for the last time.
You are there in the burrows of the ground hog and skunk families.
You nest with the young hawks.
You are there in the tight buds and those fully blown, wilting on the stem.
You stand in the sapling, the tall and ancient ones and in those whose life is fading.
Your thumbprint is on every rock, great and small.
Your reflection shines on the waters.
Your voice is heard on the winds.
Yours is the song of the dawn and of the night.
Around You and through You, all the planets and galaxies whirl and spin.
You are in, through and as all creation, including me.
I stand in awe and deep gratitude.

~~Sandra Winter
May, 2016


  1. Nice Sandra! That’s some great imagery, and a great reminder of the divine presence in everything.

  2. Teresita Cuadrado

    I loved it, Sandra! It rings close to my heart. Thank you!

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